Adriatic fish and seafood

Abruzzo’s coast line is touched by the Adriatic sea. There is a distinction between the Adriatic, the Tirrenic and the Ionic sea. They are all part of the Mediterranean sea but they provide different flavors to the fish and seafood. The inland people from Abruzzo were known shepherds, while the coast people were known fishermen. Being a fishermen, back in the days, it was not a glamourous job and the housewife’s had to be very creative in the cooking, thus leaving us great recipes. During this 7 day class, there is enough time to scratch the surface of the abundance of different fish, mussels, and different ways of cooking. Pairing vegetables with fish is very typical around here since the mountain range is only half hour drive from the coast. And the Abruzzese are known to be skilled that way. Recipes known to be called : “earth and sea”.

7 day class

  • Abruzzo style fish soup
  • Branzino Tartare with white celery, red apples and carrot dressing
  • Pesce al cartoccio (Fish wrapped in parchment paper with vegetables)
  • Roasted red mullet with cannelini beans, bell pepper cream and eggplant
  • Millefoglie of marinated salmon, with wild fennel and yougurt dressing
  • Lobster salad, mediterraean style
  • Hot grouper carpaccio with artichoke and sharp pecorino
  • Sword fish carpaccio, marinated in an orange sauce
  • Ricotta gnocchetti with shrimps and pumpkin sauce
  • Large tortellini stuffed with seabass fillet and a clam sauce and saffron
  • Stuffed black mussels
  • Fish cacio e uovo
  • Seafood gratin
  • Seafood Sautee
  • Clams pasta sauce
  • Cod Livornese style
  • Black mussels and clams pasta sauce
  • Risotto alla Marinara
  • Salt crusted Seabass
  • Peas and squid sauce
  • Pasta alla chittara with scampi and rucola
  • Fish ragu