Abruzzo wines will amaze you with their body, Abruzzo food will surprise you with its bold flavours, Abruzzo extra virgin olive oil will impress you for its sweetness and smoothness. This region will also astonish you for its hospitality, the old fashioned artisans products and much more. Abruzzo has the largest natural park in Europe. The region is green and untouched. In a way, it's a shame that Italy's greenest region does not get a lot of international recognition; but on the other hand our guests enjoy the non-touristic feel when they come to visit us. When people come to Abruzzo, they feel that they have discovered a gem. They are so surprised about the beauty of the villages and the goodness of the food. After two days here, a common phrase we hear from our guests is, “Now this is real Italy!”. That is, of course, after spending a couple of days in Rome, Naples or Florence and having something to compare Abruzzo with.

Are you a sophisticated traveler or a seasoned traveller looking for a new kind of holiday? Are you considering culinary travel? Why not explore the rich history, natural beauty, and culinary delights of the most authentic and captivating region in central Italy? Enjoy a relaxing gourmet vacation experience in a beautiful destination! Savor the wine and cuisine of the Adriatic side of the Mediterranean! In our opinion, the best way to discover a region is through food. That is why we created the Abruzzo Cibus Culinary Tours. Cibus in latin means food. Our goal is to show people why Abruzzo is one of the world's finest foodie destinations!